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  • Share your local WordPress site.

    A local host-run site does not allow us to share our development progress with others or listen to webhooks while we are working on it. Webhooks, in particular, require a […] …read more

  • Make WordPress plugin using Vue with Vite build

    It needs only 10 sec to create a WP plugin with a fresh Vue + Vite setup. Every time we create a new WordPress plugin we have to set up […] …read more

  • Dynamic programming! A blog generated by ChatGPT

    Note: It is a blog/article completely generated by ChatGPT on dynamic programming. And it is perfect! ChatGPT Dynamic programming is a computational technique that is used to solve complex optimization […] …read more

  • Dynamic programming part – 1(Memoization)

    Dynamic Programming is mainly an optimization over plain recursion. Wherever we see a recursive solution with repeated calls for the same inputs, we can optimize it using Dynamic Programming. The idea […] …read more

  • 15 Best JavaScript books and resources for 2022

    JavaScript or Js refers to the programming language JavaScript. For a couple of years now, it has been the most widely used programming language on the planet. Along with the […] …read more

  • Let’s install Laravel valet on ubuntu

    Valet for Ubuntu is a port of the original explicitly made for Ubuntu that attempts to mirror all the features of Valet v1 with the Caddy server. …read more

  • GitHub SSH key setup takes Five minutes.

    You can set up Multiple GitHub accounts on a single device using SSH key Having to maintain multiple GitHub accounts for your projects might be time-consuming. Or GitHub SSH key […] …read more

  • Recursion & Recursive Solution

    Recursion can be very hard to understand and very easy and fun to implement. It took me quite a long to really get the whole recursive process of problem solving. […] …read more

  • Programming and The Ad Hoc problems.

    By definition, Ad Hoc problems are problems that cannot be classified anywhere else in the categories with well-studied solutions since each problem description and its corresponding solution are unique. These problems […] …read more

  • Programming and problem solving

    Problem-solving skills and the problem-solving process are a critical part of daily life both as individuals and in organizations. In computer science, problem-solving is the most interesting task that increases […] …read more

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